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The Jazzukkah Project

We're putting a jazz, er, spin on Hanukkah songs 

Time to light up Hanukkah with some jazz.

The Jazzukkah Project is an ensemble of artists that's creating the ultimate holiday playlist. We're reimagining songs like Maoz Tzur as a slow jam, giving I Have A Little Dreidle a much needed bepop hop and penning one or two original pieces.


So many Chrismas classics were created by Jewish artists: Irving Berlin ("White Christmas"), Mel Torme ("The Chrismas Song"), Johnny Marks ("Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer"), and the list goes on.


We wondered: Could we give Hanukkah a musical makeover the way some of those legendary songwriters did for Christmas? Is there a Hanukkah holiday sound that we're missing?

In this vein, we recorded 10 songs looking to upgrade and update the beloved canon of holiday songs: Some in English, some Hebrew and some instrumental. We gave each a different flavor and are starting to share rough cuts ahead of the launch later in the year.

So if any of this speaks to you, here's a taste:

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