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Wrapping up 2023's unexpectedly sad Hanukkah


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Adding a visual narrative to Jazzukkah


New year, new plans. We're constantly looking for ways to grow the Jazzukkah Project. The advent of AI technologies and easy to use creative tools offers an opportunity to add video art, perhaps even a narrative, to the holiday soundtrack we've created. We're experimenting with some ways to tell a holiday story using these new toys.


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This was not the Hanukkah we expected or hoped for. When war broke out, plans changed. Our album was postponed and concerts were canceled.


And yet, TJP persevered. We played at the Center for Jewish History in New York and Elana led an online concert for a shul in Chicago. Despite the hardships, we're counting blessings and look forward to returning next year with an improved set and hope for a better year.

Praying for the victims of the atrocity in Israel 



The Jazzukkah Project is a celebration of Jewish music and identity, but this week it is impossible to think of celebrating. Israel was the victim of a vicious attack by Hamas that left over 1,000 dead, thousands more wounded, and hundreds abducted. Our hearts are heavy with grief.  


Our music is trivial in comparison to what is going on. We're following events and waiting to see how they impact our community, and then our plans. 


We pray for the health of the wounded, the return of the hostages and may the memory of the dead be a blessing.

It's a Wrap! The Jazzukkah Project Recording Is Complete



Happy to share we just finished recording a full set of songs for the upcoming album at the Levontin 7 studio in Tel Aviv. Excited to be sharing the Hanukkah sound soon!

Bass legend Gilad Abro Joins Ensemble


Gilad Abro, one of Israel's most highly regarded jazz musicians, has joined The Jazzukkah Project.


When he isn't jamming with the likes of Berry Sakharov and Marina Maximilian Blumin, Abro releases his own solo material under the Raw Tapes music label.

The Jazzukkah Project to Return in November 2023


After our successful fundraiser wrapped up last week, we're thrilled to announce The Jazzukkah Project will be returning next year with a full album of eight songs.

Dozens of donors gave towards turning this dream into a reality and we're deeply grateful to all that chipped in.

Schusterman Foundation Awards Matching Grant


We're delighted to share that The Jazzukkah Project has been awarded a matching grant from the Schusterman Foundation' s ROI Community. ROI Community is an international network of over 1,600 Jewish activists, entrepreneurs and innovators who are enhancing Jewish engagement and fostering positive social change globally. Learn more about ROI Community here.

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